CUESOUL Новое поступление Rockin серия 57

CUESOUL Новое поступление Rockin серия 57 "21 унц.. Клен Бильярдный Кий набор с совместным протектором/вал протектор и кия полотенце.


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1. length: 57 inch 2. Weight: 21oz 3. Butt: made of imported dried hardwood. Pearl paint finished with very cool pattern design on butt. 4. Shaft: made of hand selected and kiln dried North American maple wood. 5. Stainless steel joint M/18, with Irish linen wrap. 6. Carbon Fiber Frerrule ,13mm Layered leather tips for ultimate ball control. 7. Come with cue stick joint protector and shaft protector, 1 billiard towel,packing in blue carrying cue bag